Always Stomach Friendly

All of our coffees are guaranteed to set easy on your stomach. Our mission is to provide the very best in "stomach friendly coffee" and you will not be disappointed with this premium produced, designed to be smooth and easy.


How do we do it?

When we first began our research in why coffee bothered our stomachs, we found that most coffees claiming to be "low acid" did not help much. Soon we learned that coffee has less acid than wine and most fruit! But fruit doesn't hurt our stomach's like coffee does. So, why would low acid coffee be the answer to our problem?


Research taught us that there are many compounds in coffee, some of which are not good for us. But we also learned that there are other compounds that are very good for us!


So, we primarily focus on two things that create the very best stomach friendly coffee on the planet.


We start with pure premium arabica coffee beans processed with no chemicals. By removing chemicals, we take out those foreign substances that can trigger a negative response.


But there are also beneficial compounds. N-MP is produced during roasting, when done right, and it has been shown to actually reduce gastric acid production. This is premium coffee - made to be rich, smooth and easy on you.

Featured Products

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    Mountain Magic Coffee


Low Acid Coffee May Not Be The Answer

Many have tried "low acid" coffee hoping it would reduce their stomach discomfort. But instead, they still experienced acid reflux, heartburn or upset stomach.


At Pure Pour we have perfected coffee that does not hurt your stomach - guaranteed. We reduce all of the negative compounds that irritate your stomach and increase the beneficial compounds.


Pure Pour coffee has the perfect compound balance that allows you to enjoy great tasting premium coffee anytime, worry free, without stomach irritation.