Coffee Acid Impact

Have you tried low acid coffees and found that they still bothered your stomach? While the acid in coffee can be a contributing piece to the puzzle, drinking coffee that is simply lower in acid doesn't always help. You see, stomach acid is 10,000 times more acidic than coffee. This pH chart shows that Black Coffee only has a pH value of 5 (closer to water), while stomach acid has a pH of 1. That is a HUGE difference! (Learn about the logarithmic nature of the pH scale here) In fact, most fruits, sodas, juices, and wines are more acidic than your morning cup of coffee. So, does it really make sense that the acid in coffee is the only thing in your coffee that contributes to your stomach irritation? Probably not. But, we have good news. Reducing bad compounds, while increasing the good compounds helps tremendously! Let me explain below...

Natural Compound Balance

Studies have been performed to identify the compounds in coffee and how they affect the digestive system. An article presented by American Chemical Society tells of Scientists who found, "It is a mixture of compounds that seems to cause the irritant effect of coffee." In other words, "We found out there's no single, key irritant." So, according to this and many other studies, it is not just the acid content of coffee that irritates the stomach. Instead, it is the combination of compounds triggering a biological overreaction that increases stomach acid production, causing indigestion, heartburn and other more serious issues. These compounds can come from chemicals used in growing or processing the coffee, or can be natural compounds that are produced in the coffee bean during processing.

We specialize in reducing or eliminating those negative compounds that trigger an upset stomach, acid reflux, and other frustrating stomach irritations.

Further breakthrough studies have identified an essential compound in the best stomach friendly coffees that actually reduces the production of stomach acid. N-methylpyridinium (N-MP) has been shown to block the production of those painful gastric juices. That's right, when your coffee has N-MP it will actually reduce the secretion of stomach acid. Even more fascinating is that N-MP can be produced naturally within the coffee bean when the right roasting technique is used. But, simply roasting coffee beans to a crisp, in order to increase the amount of N-MP, will only create coffee no one wants to drink. It takes a well defined profile and special touch to create the balance required to meet our standards. Since coffee beans around the world are all different and react uniquely in the roaster, the roasting technique has to match the bean. Optimizing the N-MP, while creating a premium cup, requires the right beans, the right processing, and the right roasting technique.

"I have tried every low acid coffee I can find, but Pure Pour is the only one that both tastes delicious and doesn’t irritate my GERD. Highly recommend!" -Sylvia Teasley


After all of our research, testing, and trials, we are proud to offer premium coffees sourced, processed and roasted to produce the perfect balance of compounds that ensure a great tasting cup of coffee and is guaranteed to be easy on your stomach. That's right, Guaranteed! If our coffees do not rest comfortably on your stomach, just send us a note and we will refund your money. But out of our first 500 customers, only one has told us they experienced an uncomfortable stomach. Only one.

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