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During the Christmas season of 2017, we began to question why some coffees bothered our stomachs while others seemed not to. We tried "low acid" coffees, but had inconsistent results, which told us that the acid level in coffee was not the only culpret.


After extensive research and testing we discovered the compounds in coffee that help our digestive system and which ones hurt it. Some are only found in highly processed coffees while others show up based on other factors. This taught us what we needed to do to make the most stomach friendly coffee on the market.


Our first online store was open in 2020. We held a contest for naming our brand and the best submission was Southern Grinds. That was a great, friendly name and we grew our customer base to over 600 customers pretty quickly.


However, the name did not convey the message of chemical free, purity, and compund balance that we felt was essential to our brand. So, in early 2023, we rebranded to Pure Pour and still sell the same great coffee our customers have enjoyed.


Feel free to share your story. We hope you enjoy the coffee as much as we do.

We empathize with coffee lovers who limit their coffee due to stomach discomfort. Through diligent ingenuity, our team delivers a variety of worry-free, premium coffee choices that anyone can enjoy

Mission 1

Mission 2

We hope for every child of every ethnicity to have a safe and loving home. To further that cause, we donate 5% of all sales to support adoptions.

Feel free to send us a note if you have any comments or questions.