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How to Reduce Stomach Acid

17th Mar 2023

How to Reduce Stomach Acid

If you have acid reflux or some other stomach issue where you produce too much of that annoying gastric acid then you have probably looked for foods that don't trigger the problem. There are many articles like this one on that provide advice on foods to avoid.

But, what if there was a food that actually reduces your stomach's reaction to those acid triggers. You probably don't think of coffee as a potential solution but there is something surprising about the roasting process.

During roasting, a compound called N-methylpyridinium (N-MP) is produced and it is pretty special. N-MP actually reduces the body's ability to create stomach acid temporarily. According to this research concerning coffee compounds, N-MP was shown to effectively down-regulate mechanisms of gastric acid secretion in human parietal gastric cells. In other words, N-MP is magic! Well, maybe not magic but it certainly provides a highly desired effect; it actually reduces the production of stomach acid.

Now if you drink coffee, you are probably thinking, "No Way!" That is because you have never experienced coffee that was specifically sourced, processed, and roasted to optimize the amount of N-MP. While bitter coffees are a trigger for acid secretion, coffee that is less bitter and full of N-MP not only feels great on your stomach, it can actually help you fight off those other triggers that often cause indigestion and heartburn from acid reflux.

So, enjoy our stomach friendly coffee with your favorite dessert, or french fries, or tacos.