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Myth and Magic

21st Sep 2022

Myth and Magic


For decades coffee lovers have wondered why their favorite hot beverage sometimes bothers their stomachs. I certainly did. You may experience indigestion or heartburn while other symptoms are more severe and lead some of our friends to give up that daily exhilaration all together. Many coffee providers claim to have the solution with "low acid" coffee. But that can be confusing because, when describing coffee, "acidity" can mean two different things, taste and PH level. See this article if you are interested in learning more about this difference in usage.

The Myth

Is it reasonable that the acidity (pH level) in coffee itself adds to the level of acid in the stomach, thereby causing discomfort? Well, on the surface it seems to. But lets look at that assumption a little closer. Do you also experience tummy trouble when you drink root beer or other soft drinks? Do you avoid tomatoes because the acidity causes stomach pain? The chart provided on this dentist's website shows us how acidic the drinks and foods we eat really are.

Did you notice how much MORE acidic tea, juice and even some bottled waters are than a typical "black coffee", weighing in at only 5 pH? So, our own experience shines a light on the MYTH? The myth is that "low acid" coffee is the solution to stomach reactions.

The Magic

Don't misunderstand, there is definitely a link between coffee and stomach problems; well, some coffee. Since the culprit isn't the acid level in the coffee, we realized that we had to look elsewhere for the answers we were looking for. And after much research, we found it. You see, there are many compounds in coffee. Some of those cause the stomach to react intensely and some do not. So, the MAGIC is to source, process, and roast the coffee to keep the good compounds high and the bad compounds low. This allows us to provide great premium coffees that your stomach will love.

Keep your stomach happy! See all of our blends and single source coffees here.