One Year Of Growing Excitement Confirms The Demand By Coffee Lovers

One Year Of Growing Excitement Confirms The Demand By Coffee Lovers

17th Mar 2023

Southern Grinds Coffee LLC, the brains behind the latest in stomach friendly coffee, has received an overwhelming confirmation from those seeking a flavorful cup that does not cause indigestion or acid reflux. For over a decade the coffee industry has relied on "low acid" coffee to soothe the needs of millions of coffee lovers, but those have provided inconsistent results for many. Southern Grinds' mission is to provide a great coffee that anyone can enjoy with no concern of an upset stomach. The public's response to their products, since the company's launch one year ago, indicates great success.

"The feedback we have received has been tremendous," said Rodney Waterman, a co-owner. "Hundreds, who usually experience something like indigestion after coffee, found that our specialty offerings did not bother them at all. In fact, less than 1% of over 500 new customers reported that they experienced any stomach irritation. If you love coffee, and have this problem, you know how exciting this is."

It is estimated that millions of people across the nation experience some kind of negative response to coffee. Unfortunately, there has been little research into the cause. However, recent research provides a strong foundation for what is required to create a soothing and flavorful cup. Southern Grinds Coffee specializes in sourcing, processing, and roasting premium coffees to create the perfect balance of compounds that allow all coffee lovers to enjoy a cup without concern of stomach irritation.

About Southern Grinds Coffee LLC: Headquartered in Memphis, TN and launched in July 2020, selling product solely through the website