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Variety Sample Pack

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Try our four most popular coffees in a Variety Sample Pack. This includes four 2 ounce pouches so you can try our 100% Premium Chemical Free coffees - perfectly balanced and guaranteed to set easy on your stomach. You will love these blends more than you ever imagined.

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Flavor Profile

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Bean Source

South America


At Pure Pour, we're committed to delivering a coffee experience that exceeds your expectations. Our promise is simple: superior quality coffee that's gentle on the stomach, never compromising on taste. With every cup, you can trust in the Pure Pour Promise for satisfaction and well-being.


Pure Pour is more than just coffee; it's a dedication to craftsmanship, health, and flavor. We carefully source the finest beans and meticulously craft each blend to ensure a premium, stomach-friendly experience every time. From the mountains to your mug, we're passionate about delivering the perfect cup of coffee.


What sets Pure Pour apart is our scientific approach to coffee. We've delved deep into the complexities of coffee compounds, crafting blends that not only taste amazing but also support digestive health. Unlike other brands, we don't just focus on reducing acidity – we optimize the entire coffee experience, from sourcing to roasting, for maximum enjoyment and comfort. Experience the Pure Pour difference with every sip.